Hungarian, local, continental food.

Our restaurant awaits its dear guests with buffet breakfast, set menu and menu choices.

Our Á la Carte menu:

Lunch / dinner:


  • Cream of broccoli soup
  • Cream of celery soup
  • Cream of mushroom soup

Main course:

  • Fried pork chops, French fries, pickles
  • Fried chicken legs, rice, vegetables
  • Gypsy steak, fried potatoes, pickles
  • Sea fish fillet on grill, steamed vegetable rice
  • Fried fish fillet with buttered potatoes and pickles
  • Fried cheese, rice, tartar sauce
  • Fried cauliflower, rice, tartar sauce
  • Sesame chicken breast, mashed potatoes
  • A rich salad bowl with strips of chicken breast and dressing

We can only serve cold dinners on weekends and holidays.